Metairie Chiropractor / Certified Medical Examiner

It is with mixed emotions that after 44 years I am announcing that I am discontinuing the practice of chiropractic. It has been my great pleasure providing you with your chiropractic health care needs over the years. The decision has not been an easy one. I have been advised by my health care providers that I need to discontinue the physical demands required as a chiropractor.

Your medical records are confidential and will be securely maintained by the custodian of medical records at 6601 Veterans Memorial Blvd., #39, Metairie, LA, 70003. The phone number at the office is still 504-455-4302, and the fax number is still 504-455-7800. Chiropractic care at that location will now be provided by Dr. Kelleigh Payne and Dr. Peter Dickinson. They can provide continuing continuity of your care. Should you wish to choose a different chiropractor a HIPAA approved request for release of medical records can be sent to the office, and your records can be forwarded to the doctor of your choice, with a reasonable charge for records duplication. You may also come to the office and pick up copies of your records and/or x-rays after a reasonable notice for time of duplication of records is provided.

It has been a humbling experience to have been entrusted with providing your chiropractic health care needs. I have been privileged to have been the family chiropractor to many for generations. I wish you continued health and happiness.

Yours in health,

Dr. Richard J. Hages
Chiropractor - Certified Medical Examiner